The twin-turbo Hennessey Chevy Camaro makes 815 hp on regular 93 octane. On 104 octane race fuel it does 847 rear-wheel horsepower or nearly 1000 hp at the crank and sounds like the Starship Enterprise landing on an aircraft carrier.

Should you ever be forced to plead insanity, a Hennessey-produced ZR1-powered Camaro can be listed as evidence in your favor with its 705 HP LS9. This 815 hp HPE800 makes it an open-and-shut case.


Reaching these sorts of power numbers without the use of Voodoo magic involves a number of tweaks centered around the twin ball bearing turbochargers on the 6.8-liter stroker motor, and includes forged pistons/rods/crank and ported heads. You'll also be required to upgrade to a twin-disc clutch if you're picking up one with a 6-speed manual (and, c'mon, you should).

Here it is running more boost and race gas. John told us yesterday the HPE1000 they're working on will come with the same power running on pump gas and still include the 1-year warranty.

[Hennessey Performance]

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