That's One Way To Play Real-Life Mario Kart

No matter how old you are or how boring you get, there’s one thing most of us can agree on in this life: Turning down a chance to play Mario Kart is inhuman and borderline sacrilegious. But when you play it in real life, well, things may not go as smoothly or painlessly as in the game.


Alright, fine. These Villains Drift teammates weren’t trying to play Mario Kart, the leader of the pack just blew an engine heading into the corner and dropped enough oil on the track to crash out the entire rest of his team.

But it’s so much more fun when you pretend that this is a video game, without the race-car carnage and blown engine. It just takes a few on-screen graphics and sound effects, really. You’ll forget all about it.


See? Those cars will be fine. Just restart the game.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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The guy filming this sounds completely baked.