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That Mazda RX-8 Sure Looks Like a Fisker Karma

Illustration for article titled That Mazda RX-8 Sure Looks Like a Fisker Karma

This just in from the NUMBER TWO television market in the country: The RX-8 looks exactly like the Fisker Karma!


The website of the LA-based TV show Whipnotic, which airs on KNBC (and claims to employ automotive "experts") has a story on the front page that reads:

Mazda's RX-8 is all grown up. Some visual and dynamic changes give the four-door sport coupe new life."


Yeah, how 'bout them dynamic changes? Like a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. And a new badge. And an $80,000 price tag. And, like — wait! It's a completely different car!

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@GDUB: Only if you don't give it the schnizzle in the twisties.