That Ferrari Enzo Destroyed In CT Can Now Be Yours For Not Cheap

Remember that Ferrari Enzo that got destroyed by two dealership technicians on what appeared to be a joy ride?! Well guess what! It can now be yours! All for the low, low, low price of at least a $560,000 repair bill.

The actual price isn't settled yet, as it's being sold at an auction with sealed bids, but you can guarantee it'll be up there, stratospheric repair bill or not. That's because the auction company places the retail estimate at $1,500,000, and considering the fact that Enzos have recently been put on the market for $2,600,000, you won't be doing so bad.


Okay, so it's got a salvage title, but you've now got the chance to buy a semi-(in)famous Enzo from a bedding king who clearly doesn't want anything to do with it anymore. Who wouldn't want that???

The auction ends soon. Somebody grab it before it's too late.

H/t to Nick!

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