Thar's Gold In Them Thar Suppliers!

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Some people call them "ol' and busted," few if any are much nicer than that. But none exude the same type of sickeningly sweet confidence Wilbur Ross exudes out of his every pore when he speaks about US auto suppliers — and he can, cause the man's brought back to profitability everything from steel companies to dead-and-buried textile suppliers. Ross recently entered the auto supplier game — snatching up at fire-sale prices Collins & Aikman's plastic unit and Lear's interior division in Europe. In addition, he's playin' the "wanna dance" shuffle with their U.S. divisions. So even if you don't buy his theory on profitability, there's one thing that's clear — the man's got a lotta money and wants to spend it in the US auto industry — ignore him, and well — it'll probably suck.


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