Texas to Raise I-10 Speed Limit?

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Interesting things about I-10 in West Texas: Exit 420 is Baker Road. The Super 8 in Ozona — a town in which we were vaguely threatened by inbred, meth-addled freaks while driving the So-Cal Speed Shop's Plymouth Prowler to Houston — has the nicest Super 8 Motel the world may ever see. And well, that's about it. Otherwise, the stretch of interstate between San Antonio and El Paso has little to recommend it. We should know — we've driven it four stultifyingly boring times. But that boredom's about to pass a little more quickly, as it seems as if the Lone Star State (we'll see you in July!) is about to raise the speed limit on that desolate stretch to 80mph. [Note to Texan readers, yes, we know Woman Hollering Creek is on the east side of San Antonio, but we couldn't not post it.]


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