"It was supposed to be just an in house video for our awards banquet," Cedar Hill Police Sergeant Larry Wise told CBS. But their spoof of Matthew McConaughey's weirdly dramatic car commercial is actually kinda amazing.


Yep, the pensive-monologue written to sell Lincolns has been parodied and parodied again but frankly I'll take any opportunity to celebrate cops having a sense of humor.

"You don't get into police work because it makes sense. You get into it, because it looks really cool on TV."


If more professional peacekeepers could relax and laugh at themselves like this, we might not have to write about violent clashes between cops and citizens quite so often.

As Sergeant Wise told CBS via Guide Live; "We laugh at the same things, we enjoy the same things, and no we're not just robots programmed to ticket and arrest."


Thanks to McBig'un for showing us this!

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