Texas fires destroy one collector's 175 classic cars

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The good news for one Texas man near the massive wildfires is that his home was merely singed, and his family escaped uninjured. The bad news was what the fire took instead — some 175 classic cars, including a Shelby Cobra and about a dozen Corvettes.

John Chapman, 70, was shuffling through the ash-covered remains of his collection spread through a garage and several pole barns shorty after the fire moved through, pushing burning embers off what had been left behind. Other vehicles lost included several mid-'50s Chevys, a 1947 Studebaker pickup and a 1966 Pontiac GTO.

"You can either laugh or you can cry," Chapman told the Houston Chronicle. "You might as well laugh."


Photo: AP/Eric Gay

(Hat tip to Sam I - Texalopnik Ambassador!)