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Texas Car Dealer Slashes Prices, Customers

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We love Texas. It's a state where the women are smart and beautiful, the license plate frames are illegal and everyone is armed. Robert "Jack" Parker was found guilty today of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after attacking one of his customers with a machete. According to the guy's defense attorney, he made a "Bold Move" with his machete because he feared his customer (who was just trying to pick up his plates) was making his "Way Forward" to get a gun. Having lived in Texas most of our lives, and having worked for a congressman in the area, we can assure you that the chances were more than even that the guy actually had a gun. Let this be a lesson: when buying a car in Texas keep your hands in plain sight at all times and for god's sake, get the rustproofing.


Tyler Car Dealership Owner Convicted of Machete Attack [Houston Chronicle]

Use A License Plate Frame, Go To Texas Jail [Internal]

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To be fair, I have once almost brought a gun to a Subaru dealership to get my car from the service department's crack team of idiotic kidnappers. That and this was in Dallas. The shame...