Tex Avery Cars of Future Prescient, Silly, Sexist

Something about old cartoons always gets the inner child in us, especially goofy ones that predict the future, especially if they're predicting cars of the future. While some of the models "predicted" in this bit are downright silly, other's remind us of recent cars like the Nissan Pivo. It also contains some possible options, like the adjustable width bench seat could be entertaining, though we can see a few problems with the also mentioned automatic shaver. Surprising that some of these haven't been pitched.



One of the finest cartoons of all time. Avery did a similar one about the TV of Tomorrow. Brilliant stuff.

Man, this really makes me miss all the old stuff Cartoon Network used to play. Acme Hour, The Tex Avery Show, Toonheads, and all the like.