With the approach of arcade racing game Test Drive Unlmited 2 comes this video hawking the game's "customization" mode, which appears completely focused on turning you into a trend-obsessed wealthy Eurotrash wannabe jagoff. It gets worse. There's clothes shopping...


All of this is from the press release for the trailer, which I nearly took a screencap of so you'd believe me:

Your avatar is your personalized representative in the world of Test Drive Unlimited 2. Whether you're shopping in a car dealership, getting ready to race, or another player out at a red light, your avatar will show off your style, attitude and accomplishments in-game. There are many ways to customize your avatar's look, including clothing, haircuts, and cosmetic surgery.

At the Cosmetic Clinic, you can modify all aspects of your avatar's face, including shape and size of your eyes, ears, nose and mouth, skin color, shape of head and facial bone structure and more. Tired of your current look? Check out the Hairdresser for a new cut, tint, eyebrow pluck, shape, and more. Visit clothing shops to pick up the outfits and accessories to make your driver stand out, every clothing shop carries its own line of clothes. You won't know until you go shopping exactly what you'll find at a particular store.


This may actually be the most accurate simulation ever of what it's like to own an exotic car. You're surrounded by awful people who only want to drive their cars irresponsibly on the way to the plastic surgeon. The only difference is in the game these are two-dimensional representations of three-dimensiona; people, but in life it's the opposite.

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