Tesla's Issues With Model Y Production Seem Far From Over

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Exactly a week ago today, we learned that Tesla was having trouble scaling up its production of the Model Y, which it began making earlier this year. Now a new report says that some of the cars that have been made have some pretty glaring quality issues.

The report is from Electrek, which has a dubious past, but one mostly related to the opposite of what it did today, which was publish a story that dared to suggest Tesla isn’t the greatest automaker ever made.


Electrek heard from people who have taken delivery of the Model Y and in more than a few cases found it to be less than ideal. Like, the backseat isn’t attached type of less than ideal.

From Electrek:

Riley Dove of Maryland ordered a Model Y last month and he went to the store to pick it up last week, but he had to refuse the delivery due to several issues, including paint and trim problems, indentations in the seats, and a loose seatbelt.

One of the biggest problems was the fact that the backseat wasn’t attached to its base.

It’s a problem that has been widely reported by new buyers taking delivery of Model Y SUVs over the last few weeks.


Electrek also says that several buyers have told them that Tesla has rescheduled delivery of their Model Y because of defects.

All of this is not terribly surprising for a company with a history of having manufacturing issues when its new cars debut, but this time there are some additional complications. Those include, obviously, the pandemic, which disrupted Model Y production almost from the get-go, and they include the specific timing of now, at the end of a quarter, a time when Tesla typically pushes for as many deliveries as possible of its cars, to boost numbers for quarterly financial reports.


At least no one is saying Tesla is making parts of the Model Y by hand.