Illustration for article titled Tesla To Finally Notify Detroit Workers Today They Were Laid Off Two Days Ago

Tesla Motors' Rochester Hills, MI employees, after discovering via blog post yesterday that they were to be laid off, will today get the official word via bulletin board — the old-fashioned, stick-pin type. According to a source, employees will show up to either find their name posted on a board or not. If it's on the board, they're laid off. If it's not, they get to meet with management and find out how long they get to wrap things up in Detroit and high-tail it out to southern California. With no moving assistance, extra pay or help selling their house, of course. Rumor report after the jump.

Tomorrow you show up to Tesla, read your name on a board. If you name is on the board you get a pink slip, if not you go to a room and they discuss how long you will be in the Detroit office to finish your work, then when your done with your project you are either laid off or you report to the SC office.


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