Tesla Roadster Spotted in Santa Monica

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Location, location, location. Er, make that timing is everything. Whatever the cliché, we were sitting on our butt talking to some friendly Honda folk when in rolls Autoblog Sam and Tesla's Darryl Siry. They had just whipped the all-electric, Elise-based Roadster up and down Latigo Canyon — which is a hell of a road. So, not only is the Tesla for real, but according to Sam it kicks some major butt.



I'm sure the acceleration is going to be blistering in this thing but I am a little concerned about the driving dynamics. No rumbling popping engine noise to stir the soul. Only 2 gear selectors on the tranny which probably equals the visceral excitement of a powerglide. The motor makes some ground pounding torque but I'm certain a VDC has to step in quite a bit to keep that light little car from spinning the rubber right off the rims. We all know how much of a buzz kill an over active VDC can be on a track. If you lookup electric go-karts on youtube you will see people drifting and what not. Tesla better offer different levels of nanny control to let people trash a set of tires if they want to.