Tesla Removes Restrictions On How Autopilot Does The Speed Limit On Some Roads

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After a recent update to make its Autopilot feature follow the speed limit on the roads and non-divided highways, Tesla is partly rolling back the restriction, according to a report confirmed on Twitter by Elon Musk today.

Tesla owners with Autopilot were able to set the feature’s cruise control to a maximum 5 mph over the speed limit on those roads, but the update last month eliminated that option. The latest update of the software brought the option back. From Electrek:

Tesla has since been trying to walk the line between safety restrictions to encourage a proper use of the Autopilot and leaving functionalities to those who can use them properly, but it looks like a classic case of a few bad apples ruining it for the rest of the drivers.

The latest restrictions were clearly a step too far for some owners, but at least Tesla was able to walk it back.

The update also had new safety controls to reduce the risk of accidents on Autopilot and encourage drivers to take controls in driving environments where the Autopilot is not the most useful – like undivided roads.


Musk confirmed the change on Twitter, when someone asked if the hard speed limit had been rolled back.


Autopilot has been in the news consistently this month, with Tesla poaching an Apple veteran to run the Autopilot engineering team while 1,000 owners equipped with the feature have started using the latest version of the system.