Illustration for article titled Tesla Model S Driver Veers Into Oncoming Traffic, Kills Two In Mangled Accord

Early this morning, a Tesla Model S was involved in a head-on collision with a Honda Accord in Laguna Beach, California. The occupants of the Accord were declared dead at the scene and the Tesla driver escaped with minor injuries.


The incident occurred early this morning around 6:40 AM. Witness accounts say that the Tesla was the car that veered into oncoming traffic and hit the Accord nearly head on.

Two people in the older Accord were killed in the accident. The Tesla is a solid, solid car thanks to all the batteries and a very rigid structure. That's possibly why the Accord basically disintegrated, because it came into contact with a very strong chunk of metal.

The Tesla driver had minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital. There is no word on what exactly caused the driver to veer into oncoming traffic at this point.

(Hat Tip to Greg)

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