Tesla Makes Parents Everywhere Wait An Extra Year To Electrically Take Kids To Soccer Practice

Tesla has taken a bit of a beating over the last month or so because of the Model S NY Times range test debacle. Now here's some more bad news: The Model X crossover has been delayed by a year.

The Model X was originally supposed to debut this year, but the company feels that the crossover just isn't ready yet, and it's because of the Model S.

Tesla has been intensely focused on Model S, its production and product enhancements and believe there is increased volume potential for Model S. As a result, Tesla has decided to slightly push back the development and timing of Model X to 2014. We do not expect a material impact on our profitability in 2013 or 2014.


Tesla is still on track to build 20,000 Model Ss (Esses?) this year. Looks like the Lexus RX will have to keep squiring your kids to soccer for the foreseeable future.

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