Tesla Is Just Kind Of Parking A Model X In A Clothing Store Now

Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors

Tesla will be opening a “Design Studio” gallery featuring a Model X parked right the middle of the Nordstrom clothing store in L.A.’s The Grove mall. What’s next, a Subaru in a Whole Foods?


So far Tesla’s foray into the clothing department is limited to just the one Nordstrom store, set up to show off the Model X without actually being able to facilitate in the sale of Tesla’s vehicles. Instead, those who are interested will still have to go online or to a Tesla retail store, according to Automotive News.

Nordstrom said the partnership brings “an exciting element of innovation” to their store.

“Tesla is a company we admire and over the course of a few conversations with them, we both recognized that this type of partnership made a lot of sense for our customers,” a Nordstrom spokesman said in an email.

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Considering that a majority of Nordstrom stores are concentrated on the West Coast, particularly in California, Tesla is hitting its target demographic where they might least expect it. Just between the jackets and underwear.

Prospective customers will be able to go on test drives of the Model X set up through the Nordstrom gallery just outside of the mall. I suppose having a Tesla in a clothing store is no different from the Honda Odyssey that’s been parked in the mall concourse for seemingly a decade.

And hey, keeping it inside means they wont have to worry about the sun blinding the occupants through that enormous windshield they had to fix.


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This is not just some Nordstrom in some mall. It is at the Grove. It is near Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The mall does “pop-up” stores all the time. They try to focus on upscale exclusive brands.

Tesla is trying to become as cool as an iPhone or a new handbag from Hermes. The new car you get a 16 year old for their birthday.