Tesla Is Going To China So Elon Musk Can Get Some Rest

Hey, it's not easy running a car company. And a space company. And fighting individual states to sell cars. Now Elon Musk is taking Tesla to China. Will he sleep this decade?

In announcing a Tesla factory for China, Musk is trying to tackle a car market that's stumped plenty of larger companies – oh, and the issue of Chinese consumers not exactly being wowed by electric cars.


As tricky as that sounds, maybe that'll be easier than fighting individual states over his direct sales model.

Automatch Tom:

"Free-market" America tells me where I can and cannot sell my cars. Communist China allows me to sell anywhere....that's cute.

My X-type is too a real Jaguar:

In China he only has to bribe the Government once, in America he has to bribe all 50 States. That is tiring don't you know.


How tiring is bribing people with free rides in a Model S? Or the promise of discounted Hyperloop rides?

Photo: Getty Images

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