The Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S are similar in theory: They're alternative energy cars meant to help the environment. But their fans are totally different people. Prius fans love Tyler Perry, Tesla fans can't get enough of that sweet sticky icky.

In a new survey of people that are fans of the Prius or the Model S, a number of new facts were found about the two other than their affinity for TBS sitcoms or their love of chronic, which I honestly thought Prius owners would like more.

Tesla people aren't necessarily tech people that love Apple and Facebook. Instead, they're finance people that have a taste for expensive luxury goods. They're interested in SpaceX (duh), magazines, and coffee.

On the other hand, Prius people like Apple, McDonalds, and Yoga. They don't like NASCAR or football.

But back to marijuana. Prius fans are 3.3 times more likely to smoke weed than the general population. Tesla fans are then an additional 44 percent more likely to smoke weed than Prius owners. They're probably responsible enough not to combine the two, and I bet Prius owners smoke that Snicklefritz I heard about in Pineapple Express while Tesla owners get that good Afghan Kush people are killing over.


(Hat Tip to Wayne!)