Terrifying Runaway Tow Truck Swings SUV Like A Battle Axe Into Traffic

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If your pants are still clean and un-crapped in today, that's about to change as you watch this runaway flatbed truck turn itself and the Volkswagen Touareg it's carrying into a massive unguided projectile speeding toward the camera.

Kind of looks like a cargo truck started to merge against what looks like a MAN boom-bed towing truck. The MAN tried some evasive maneuvers but all it ended up doing was throw off its gravity center and send the truck careening across traffic.

Easily one of the more terrifying dash-cams I've seen. Amazingly, the people in the camera car don't seem too fazed... I don't hear any screams of terror, just the car's GPS.

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Andrew P. Collins

Also, is the lady at 0:50 using a Nook to make a phone call?