It was ten years ago today when GM announced that Oldsmobile would be phased out. In honor of the company's demise let's take a look at what could have been your Father's Oldsmobile; the 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.

George Plimpton was a successful author best known for chronicling his attempts to compete in various sports and activities on a professional level from an amateur perspective. These books were so popular that Oldsmobile decided to have him endorse their 1969 Oldsmobile Vista cruiser, in a slightly unconventional endorsement choice.


After we are introduced to George and told we will see him reporting on Oldsmobile, we catch up with him on the field with football players. We find out Mr. Plimpton has made the extravagant offer of giving the football team a lift to the showers. The reason he can do that is of course because he has possession of a brand new Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. That is, until the football team decides they will take the trip to the showers without Plimpton and steal the car.

Although George Plimpton had a list of life accomplishments that read like an application to be the most interesting man alive when he died in 2003, it seems that marketing cars was not one of his more successful endeavors. The advertising campaign seen here is the first and last time Plimpton was hired to represent a car. He did later find success selling early video game systems. Vista Cruiser production continued through 1977, but the car is still remembered as one of Oldsmobile's more unique creations.

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