Ten Quick "Facts" About The Lamborghini Jalpa

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In one of the the endless flashback montages that comprise Rocky IV, Rocky is seen behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Jalpa. And he's listening to some very bad music. (One lock of chest hair to anyone who can name the other car Rocky rocks in the sequel to the sequel to the sequel.) Here's a list of little-known facts about the Jalpa, some of which are untrue.

· Lamborghini produced the Jalpa from 1981 to 1988. Ronald Reagan was in office from 1981 to 1989.

· The exhaust valves are (probably) cocaine-filled. The passengers are absolutely cocaine-filled.

· Should get much more play around these parts as "Jalpa" is hella similar to "Jalopnik." And if you rearrange "Jim Morrison," you get "Mr. Mojo Risin." [Update]

· The Jalpa's top speed was 146 mph. A Subaru WRX's top speed is 146 mph. Though, the Scooby will hit 60 mph about a second quicker than the Lambo.

· It's pronounced "Hall-Puh," even though all Americans say "Y'all-Puh." Like the names of many Lambos, Jalpa means "Prophylactic" in Swahili is a type of fighting bull.

· The Jalpa's engine formed the basis for one of the (almost) coolest cars of the 80s, the Dodge Decepzione. Ingredients: 1 Jalpa V8, 1 Dodge Daytona, 1 AWD system designed by Carroll Shelby.Performance was supposedly staggering, but, like, well, you know...

· Like its sibling the LM002 and countless Corvettes cut to look like Ferraris, the Jalpa was on Miami Vice. Driven by none other than Phil Collins.

· Michael Mann briefly considered naming the show Jalpa Vice, but then didn't as that would be redundant.

· A prototype Jalpa Spyder was constrcuted, but sadly never sold. Have a look for yourself.

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Phil The Shill: one of the best Miami Vice episodes ever! It had everything: kitted out Mercedes, the Jalpa, Phil Collins, cocaine, amusement parks, dentists, Kyra Sedgwick—everything!