Revolutions can be dramatic, bloody and ultimately triumphant like the American Revolution or dramatic, bloody and ultimately awful like the New Coke Revolution. The same's true for cars. With your help, we've identified the most dramatic revolutionary car upgrades.


This is Answers of the Day - where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's "Question Of The Day". It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers.

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10.) L-Body to LX-Platform Dodge Charger

From A: Classic American RWD muscle car.

To A: FWD compact hatchback

To A: RWD fleet car

Suggested by: Kyleev


9.) C3 to C4 Corvette

From A: Bulging Muscle Car

To A: Sleek sports car

Suggested by: Hipster Kitty


8.) E39 To E60 BMW 5-Series

From A: Pure Bavarian Sports Saloon

To A: Corrupted Bavarian Creme Puff

Suggested by: ghs235


7.) Old Jaguar XJ to New Jaguar XJ

From A: Increasingly old-fashioned, stale English sedan

To A: Full-sized luxury future cruiser

Suggested by: ssrock64


6.) Mustang II to Fox Body Mustang

From A: Malaise-inspired and underwhelming clone of the original

To A: Proper 'Merican pony car.

Suggested by: bovaloe


5.) 1996 to 1997 Ford F-150

From A: Old-fashioned, square-jawed work truck

To A: Aerodynamic, semi-luxurious cruiser with a bed

Suggested by: Wish My Sonata Ran On Veggies


4.) 1971 to 1973 Pontiac GTO

From A: Tire-shredding testosterone on wheels

To A: Eye-shredding Emasculated crapmobile

Suggested by: PontiacAttack


3.) 4th Gen to 5th Gen Buick Regal

From A: Impala-based FWD Snooze Cruiser

To A: AWD turbocharged European premium sedan

Suggested by: Drujon


2.) 5th To 6th Generation Hyundai Sonata (and Kia Optima)

From A: Milquetoast unidentifiable beigetractor

To A: Highly styled, competent turbocharged mid-sized family sedan to watch

Suggested by: Everybody


1.) 2nd Gen To 3rd Gen to 4th Gen To 5th Gen Taurus

From A: World-beating mid-size sedan

To A: Ugly bubble

To A: Overprized near-full-sized Audi wannabe

To A: Muscular EcoBoosted flagship

Suggested by: ShibbyUTman

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