It's the duty of every car enthusiast to honestly answer the question "what car should I buy?" and not just always recommend a Miata. Here are ten cars our readers told a friend to buy and that friend loved.


This is Answers of the Day - where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's "Question Of The Day". It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers.

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10.) Hyundai Sonata

Suggested by: Ash78

Why It's Recommended: Ash78 convinced at least one person to buy a Sonata and what's wrong with that? Hyundai has been doing good things, much better than Toyota, and for cheaper! So next time your clueless friend is thinking of buying a new Camry because of its color, suggest to them the much cheaper and better Hyundai Sonata. Also, the Hyundai Sonata Turbo's right around the corner.


9.) Jeep Wrangler

Suggested by: icntdrv

Why It's Recommended: Maybe he can't drive, but icntdrv can definitely sell. After having purchased his Jeep Wrangler, he sneakily convinced six others to purchase one by just parking it at work. Sometimes the best way to show someone the light is to literally show them the light.


Photo Credit: Pat Durkin


8.) Third-Gen Toyota 4Runner

Suggested by: BondShanahan

Why It's Recommended: The Toyota 4Runner was a capable vehicle before it became the bloated suburban cruiser it is now. It could be had with a proper manual and could get you offroad with no issue at all. BondShanahan was able to successfully recommend three 3rd generation 4Runners to his friend and his mother while his own 4Runner has 190,000 on the odometer with no major repairs and is still ticking.


Photo Credit: Zach Dischner


7.) Honda Civic

Suggested by: Rocking a turbodiesel with stick

Why It's Recommended: Cheap, reliable, and economical, these are words that describe the Honda Civic. If your non-gearhead friend is looking for something that can get him to work cheaply then you should tell them to get a Civic, but warn them about ricers. Rocking a turbodiesel successfully sold 4 Honda Civics to his friends and family, though he would never purchase one.


6.) Ford Focus

Suggested by: milkplus

Why It's Recommended: Some owners love their cars so much, they recommend their car to whoever asks. That's the case with milkplus, except you can recommend everyone buy an SVT Focus, implicitly convincing his two sisters to purchase two Ford Focus ZX3s. Despite a few fender benders and thefts, the cars are still "alive and kicking." I consider this mission accomplished.


Photo Credit: mlabowicz


5.) Subaru Legacy Wagon

Suggested by: Dominic Chan

Why It's Recommended: So you want to haul your kids around to and fro and you were thinking of purchasing and SUV/Crossover? Wait, there's another option. You don't need all the extra weight, size, and fuel thirst of an SUV when you're transporting two or three 50 to 70 pound children to soccer practice. That's what the Legacy wagon is for, seating 2.5 children comfortably. The AWD means dirt and snow are no issue and there's plenty of room in the trunk for 2 weeks worth of groceries. Dominic Chan's recommendation paid off for a lucky few, who are happy as clams in their Legacy wagons.


Photo Credit: Phil


4.) Volkswagen Golf GTI

Suggested by: Sean Girvan

Why It's Recommended: Sean didn't have to verbally convince anyone to purchase a Golf GTI, all it took was a ride in one. Two of Sean's Navy supervisors traded up their Japanese vehicles for some German engineering. Sometimes all it takes is a ride to convince someone, even though that wasn't what was intended.


Photo Credit: boring_vanner


3.) Subaru Impreza WRX

Suggested by: JonZeke

Why It's Recommended: The WRX, my love, is an amazing vehicle offering immense performance and reliability. One grows to love his WRX and spreads that love among others. JonZeke has been able to convince at least six others to purchase a WRX because of his love for the car and the brand. Though, he does say, "Its a damn shame I haven't gelled with their current products though, as I really like the core values of the brand. Acura it is for now, maybe a Juke in my future... E46 M3 on the horizon?" Intervention, anyone?


2.) Mazda 3

Suggested by: wheatieboy

Why It's Recommended: The Mazda 3 is so happy that it would love to be owned by anyone and often times, it's just what a non-car person is looking for. It's economical, it has unique styling, and it can be quite fun to drive. If someone is looking for a fun, compact daily driver, chances are that the Mazda 3 fits the bill. Wait, you want to haul around a small amount of stuff too? There's a hatchback for that and three of those have been purchased on wheatieboy's recommendation. (Convinced the parents and friends to buy one, they also love it. - MH)


1.) Porsche 911

Suggested by: GV_Goat

Why It's Recommended: All right this is ridiculous, but if it's true it's totally awesome. Let's hear it straight from GV_Goat: "I recommended a colleague to buy a Porsche when, at the time, he was vacillating between a Corvette and a slew of other performance minded vehicles. I told him that he would love the driving dynamics and, knowing him, spend endless hours contemplating the many thoughtfully engineered details. So he bought a Boxster. Then a Boxster S. Then a 911 S. Then a 911 S Cab w/ supercharger. Then A 911 Turbo. And finally a 2010 911 Turbo Cab (yes, the $140,00 version), which he still owns. I think it was a good recommendation." Way to preach the word, wow.

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