Ten Cars That Sound Unexpectedly Amazing

When an automaker randomly gives their otherwise boring economy sedan a beautiful sound or hit it out of the park on a sports car, they deserve some recognition. These are ten cars that sound unexpectedly amazing.

10.) Saab 96

It wasn’t until hearing a Saab 96 rally car’s two-stroke motor that I realized how lovable a chainsaw-like exhaust sound was. Its crisp and perfectly metallic resonance never gets old.


Suggested By: Nicce12

9.) VW Jetta Inline-Five

If nothing else, VW’s inline-five are immaculate noise makers. Especially when straight-piped.

“Wait, you’re telling me that wasn’t a V10 supercar that just flew by?” -Everyone that’s ever heard a straight-piped inline-five VW.

Suggested By: Jcarr

8.) Jaguar F-Type

Who expected the Brits would could create something so undeniably evil sounding yet disturbingly amazing? Reader emilminty can put it into words.

Some much for the reserved and refined British thing. This is Hugh Grant doing kegstands at a frat party and then having sex with multiple co-eds on the front lawn.


Suggested By: emilminty

7.) Lexus LFA

No one figured that the first supercar from Japan’s most prestigious luxury brand would have such a finely-tuned, other-worldly sounding exhaust. But thank the automotive Gods that it does. Good lord.


Suggested By: burglar can’t heart click anything

6.) Fiat 500 Abarth

Before word spread of just how crazy the Fiat 500 Abarth exhaust was, no one had anything of a clue that Fiat’s little hatch could be so menacing. Reader cazzyodo can get into detail.

I know it makes sense given the lack of muffler and all the talk but I didn’t truly believe reviews or reports until I heard one in person.

Hype about movies let me down and I figured the same thing for this little beast. The only time I did see one I was at a light with my windows down when the distant BRAAAAAAP caught my attention. Then this little thing takes the turn through the lights and I sat there smiling to myself. It was great.


Suggested By: cazzyodo

5.) Sunbeam Tiger

No, there are no speakers under the car playing a sound clip. Yes, that tiny British sports car is actually making all that noise.


Ever look under the hood of a Sunbeam Tiger? Well if you have, you’d find that there is absolutely no room under there. Mostly because it’s stuffed with a massive 4.3 liter (or 4.7 liter) Ford-built V8.


Suggested By: philphil

4.) Ford Fiesta SFE

Though Ford can try and mask the odd sounds all they want, this tiny hatchback can’t help but deliver. Oh, and it’s not too shabby with an anti-lag system and a custom exhaust either.


Suggested By: Charlie Hartman

3.) Oldsmobile Aurora

Straight-pipe or no straight-pipe, the specially-designed 4.0 liter Northstar-based V8 motor can release a monster amount of American V8 burble. And if you do go for a straight-pipe, you may even hear a hint of NASCAR in there as well.


Suggested By: 472CID

2.) VW Jetta VR6

The sound of a VR6 is nothing like the sound of your normal V6. Reader Marshknute can explain.

A sorority girl’s car that sounds like Chewbacca gargling hammers.

Friend: “I bought a VW Jetta...with the VR6 engine!”

Me: “Oh, a vee-six, I guess that’s cool...”

Friend: “No, man, a VR6. Listen”


My body wasn’t ready.

Suggested By: marshknute

1.) Volvo S80

From the looks of it, this large Swedish sedan wouldn’t dare challenge any other sedans at anything other than a race for a parking spot a the local Ikea. But after hearing that burbly V8? Well, that changes everything.


I guess that’s just what happens when you let a music-mastering company like Yamaha help design and build your motors.


Suggested By: cobalt_mcg

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Top Photo Credit: Xolani Moyana via YouTube

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Illegal Machine

Ehhh. I thought this was going to be factory, unmodified cars (Like the V6 Camaro that started the discussion). Adding an exhaust? C’mon.

How about any Chevy LS motored truck/suv or Hemi truck/suv with an exhaust?