Ten Cars That Seriously Don't Fit In Their Company Lineups

In the showroom, these cars stand out like a SR-71 in a hangar of Cessnas.

10.) Mercedes G-Wagen


Everything else in Mercedes' lineup is very refined and comfortable – this drives like the late '70s military truck that it is.

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister, Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

9.) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Mitsubishi's lineup consists entirely of barely competitive crossovers, compacts, and this one crazy all-wheel drive rally car thing. Sure. Why not?

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: Mitsubishi

8.) Merkur XR4Ti


Merkur on its own didn't even make sense as a brand. But when you consider that these sporty captive imports were being sold in the same dealerships as Lincolns and Mercurys, things make even less sense.

Suggested By: themanwithsauce, Photo Credit: Merkur

7.) Volvo P1800


In a company known for plain, sensible cars, the heart meltingly gorgeous P1800 coupe sticks out like a sore thumb. Hopefully the new Concept Coupe can help bring sexy back.

Suggested By: Jonee, Photo Credit: Volvo

6.) Volkswagen Vanagon


From reader McMike:

"By the time the late 70s rolled around, all of the VW lineup had moved to water cooled front engines except for two vehicles; The 1) convertible Beetle, and the 2) Type 2 bay window bus.

Come 1980, they dropped the air cooled, rear-engined Beetle from the US market, and introduced a fresh, new, modern VW van...

Enter the 80s. The time of fuel injection, water cooling, and fr... wait a minute, what did you say?

The Vanagon still had the air cooled rear engine layout VW has had since the middle ages. Here we are, Volkswagen is getting plant both feet in the modern era, and they are stuck with this thing.

When the EPA wanted better emissions that the air cooled engine couldn't deliver, what did VW do? Did they make a modern van? Nope, they threw a radiator and water jackets at the boxer in mid 1983 until they stopped US sales in 1991.

So here we are, 1990. Rear-engined, four speed vehicle capable of 89mph in a tailwind being sold in the same showroom as 5 speeds Jettas, Golfs, GTIs, Passats, and Corrados."


Suggested By: McMike, Photo Credit: Alden Jewell

5.) Ferrari FF


As a four seat, all-wheel-drive shooting brake FF doesn't stand out from Ferrari's current lineup, it stands out from every Ferrari ever made. It's wonderful.

Suggested By: SecksualPanda, Photo Credit: Ben

4.) Melkus RS1000


Technically the East German Melkus is its own brand, but it was more or less made by Wartburg, making this mid-engined, gullwing doored sports car a hell of an oddball.

Could you imagine rolling around in one of these while the rest of the country had Wartburgs and Trabants?


Suggested By: JayHova, Photo Credit: Thomas doerfer

3.) Nissan GT-R


The same company that makes the Versa, Juke, and Murano makes one of the fastest, most technologically advanced sports cars money can buy.

So, you could own a Cube, and a Nismo GT-R and take them to get serviced at the same place.


Suggested By: wrxkwndo, Photo Credit: Nissan

2.) Lexus LFA


Lexus, a company known for making highly competent, if highly boring luxury cars decided to go insane and make the LFA.

Seriously, who would think Lexus would make a batshit, V10 powered supercar?

Suggested By: superhappyfuntime, Photo Credit: Lexus

1.) Aston Martin Cygnet


Well, at least it got good gas mileage.

Suggested By: Patrick George, Photo Credit: Aston Martin

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Top Photo Credit: Aston Martin

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