Ten Cars That Resemble Their Owners

People usually buy cars they like, but sometimes they buy cars they look like. With your help we've identified these ten cars that most resemble their owners.


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10.) Oldsmobiles

Suggested by horspowr100

Who This Car Resembles: Old people. Oldsmobile, ironically enough, is a car that seems to be driven almost exclusively by octogenarians. I don't know if it's the styling or the name but Oldsmobile really knows how to attract old people.


9.) Volvo 240

Suggested by smackela

Who This Car Resembles: Squares. We've all seen the Ikea commercial with the 240 in it. The people in the commercial are what the people who drive a 240 look like. Like the Volvo, its drivers tend to be reliable, a little bit quirky, and quite useful as well.


8.) Volkswagen Jetta

Suggested by Half the wheels and twice the fun

Who This Car Resembles: Cute girls. I can't necessarily vouch for this, since I'm not generally allowed to look at other women, but I hear a lot of young, attractive, sporty women drive Jettas. The Jetta, much like its drivers, can be sporty, stylish, and a lot of fun to ride. Well, it used to be.


Photo Credit: Rojer


7.) Vans/Panel Trucks

Suggested by The Second Spitter

Who This Car Resembles: Creepers. The drivers of vans like these are usually loners, which explains why they usually take out the rear seats; why would one need to haul around that extra weight or needlessly take up that space? The owners should working, instead they're creeping around and being all mysterious in their windowless vehicle. What's back there anyway? I don't think I want to know.


Photo Credit: TraCataldo


6.) Lifted Truck

Suggested by E30fernando

Who This Car Resembles: Bros. There are a lot of lifted trucks like this in the valley in case you've never seen one, probably because they're all bros down there. The brotruck, much like the bro, is all for show, pretending off-road capability, though the trucks can go off-road it never does, and drinks like life depends on it.


Photo Credit: RoosterTeeth


5.) Modified Honda Civic

Suggested by madbassman39

Who This Car Resembles: Posers. There are countless numbers of these Honda Civics roaming the roads and they're all pretty much the same. The owners of these modded Civics usually perform a half-assed job, are unreliable, and have an attitude that says, "I'm just too cool." It's a harsh stereotype, but the real performance is typically non-existent and all that's left is embarrassment and a cloud of black, rich exhaust from the fart cannon.


Photo Credit: Michael Gil


4.) Bentley Continental GT

Suggested by Whack-a-mole

Who This Car Resembles: Social climbers. Unlike other Bentleys, the Continental GT is just a show of wealth and the owners just want others to see their affluence. The Continental is ostentatious and styled to turn heads. Bentley owners, the nouveau riche, want to be seen and want to be popular. All that matters to them is looking good and showing off their wealth.


Photo Credit: Ed Callow


3.) Honda S2000

Suggested by geistkoenig

Who This Car Resembles: Boy Racers. The owners are showy and always want to race from stoplight to stoplight. Unlike Civic owners, the performance is real. However, like the Honda's engine, the owners are high-strung and overzealous, oftentimes overcooking it in the corners.


2.) BMW 550i

Suggested by Xelmon

Who This Car Resembles: Asshats. The entitlement of a BMW owner goes beyond cutting you off in traffic, they also feel like the need to park wherever they want, however they want. BMW drivers put on an air of importance and consider themselves above the rest of us "commoners," much like the Ultimate Driving Machine.


1.) Range Rover Sport

Suggested by tj_corona

Who This Car Resembles: Trophy wives. Trophy wives look good, but are very expensive to maintain. Like its trophy wife driver, the Range Rover looks good inside and out, but in the end, is a very expensive vehicle. Both are a lot of fun to ride, but we suggest leasing.


Photo Credit: Gerard McGovern

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