Some of the cars on sale in 2014 have been around for way too long. Others are just terrible and should die quickly and quietly. Like now. These following ten shouldn't be around by next year.

10.) Dodge Avenger

The Avenger might be a pretty solid seller, but you're not one of its buyers.


Yes. I rented one last year (the "mini Charger," the rental guy called it). It was just soul-crushingly adequate in every way, like driving a lukewarm glass of distilled water.


Suggested By: Dwhite - Powered by Caffeine, Daft Punk, and Corgis

9.) Acura ILX


According to you, this beefed up Honda just doesn't make any sense.


There are few good reasons to get any variety. Really, the only good one is the 2.4, and it does nothing to justify the premium of a Civic Si. It's trying to say it's more mature, more refined, the perfect foot in the door for a Honda loyalist to move to Acura.

But it's way too pricey for what it is. Are they trying to ease consumers into getting screwed by an entry luxury brand? Mission accomplished. Otherwise, it's a waste of time and effort.



I just rode in one of these recently and damn is it tiny inside. Not a fan.

Don't fool yourself, get a Civic with extras and call it a day.

Suggested By: TekamulBurner

8.) GMC Terrain


frogberg throws up every time he sees one, and while Victorious Secret tried to save GMC's "total package" he has failed:

I was going to be a pedantic ass and try to defend this, but I can't.
Why does this even exist?


We expected more.

Suggested By: frogberg

7.) Volvo S80


How long has it been? Way too long if you ask me. The second generation S80's career started in 2006. That's right.


They drive good and all but it needs to go. We have a couple 2012's still in our inventory. Those in particular were $7000 off "Red Tag specials" Sold in the very low $30K's well equipped.


Well, if you're a bit old-fashioned, get one while you can!

Suggested By: Somethingwittyer likes noisy


6.) Jeep Patriot


It's not a Wrangler, it's not a Cherokee, and it's still available with front-wheel drive only. A Jeep shouldn't be.

Suggested By: N2Skylark


5.) Honda Crosstour


They are around, but nobody remembers them. For a reason.


I keep trying to forget they exist...

J. Walter Weatherman:

Oh god yes. I forgot those even exist.


This is a great car. For people who are blind.

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga


4.) Lincoln MKT


benn454 wants to get rid of Lincoln as a whole, but let's give Ford a little more time and stick to the MKT for now.

Green Pig asks the big question:

Has anyone ever actually bought one of these? The only one I have ever seen is used as an airport limo in Atlanta.


You tell me!

Suggested By: benn454 and Green Pig

3.) Mitsubishi i-MiEV


It's much cheaper now, but you still don't want it. Just kill it Mitsubishi, don't hurt yourself more.


If you need to slash the price by $6,000 to sell it, you're doing it wrong. Sure I'm not a big fan of the electric car, but a car/golfcart that can barely keep up in the highways needs to go. Mitsubishi site says its an upcoming vehicle. it shouldn't be coming at all.


Suggested By: GTRB26

2.) Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet


Some alcoholic beverages get better with age. This car doesn't, and you have to drink that precious booze all at once in order to get rid of this image. Thankfully, Nissan seems to have listened.

Suggested By: McMike


1.) BMW X6M


And they dare to use those colors...

Suggested By: Patrick Frawley


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