Han Solo is the coolest character in the Star Wars universe — and a man who loves a certain kind of secretly fast machine. These are Jalopnik readers' picks for the cars Solo would drive if he didn't live a long time ago in a galaxy far away.

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Photo Credit: Lancia/Lucas Films


10.) Bootlegger Flathead Ford

Suggested By: 3illB

Why it's got it where it counts: Han Solo made his name running contraband stimulants across the galaxy in his hopped-up starship, so he's kin to those who ran contraband spirits across Dixie in their hopped-up flathead Fords. These lovingly tuned machines have become the heroes of a particularly American fable; Joseph Campbell would have no problems seeing them as the chariots carrying myth across the ages.


Photo Credit: Jerry Edmundson

9.) 1990s Pontiac Bonneville SSE/SSEi

Suggested By: jameslutz

Why it's got it where it counts: The big Pontiac cruisers packed a good bit of thrust (and plastic) into a standard GM front-drive platform. The supercharged 3.8 V6 may be outclassed today, but it will still show respectably on a cross-country run. Factor in plenty of room for passengers and cargo and the sometimes-clunky tendencies of GM products from that era, and Solo should feel right at home.


Photo Credit: Brian Dalton/en.wikipedia.org

8.) Lancia Delta Integrale

Suggested By: Ex. President Mack Totally Board 41

Why it's got it where it counts: Our top choice for navigating an asteroid field, the spunky Italian rally car is just as angular and unfashionable as the Millennium Falcon — and just as capable in a good pilot's hands. It will go anywhere and do anything, although it takes a sympathetic wrench to keep one in good running condition. Still, we doubt that even Italian electrics are as finicky as the Falcon's hyperdrive.


Photo Credit: Michael Gil

7.) Retired Chevrolet Caprice Police Cruiser

Suggested By: 2 fast 2 frögberg

Why it's got it where it counts: According to those who know these things Solo trained as an Imperial pilot before going freelance. While a cop cruiser may not pack the punch of an Star Destroyer, it certainly projects a kind of dark, dominant authority. Recommission one for personal use and maybe fit it with a stronger powerplant and you've got a more-than-capable smuggling platform.


Photo Credit: copcarsonline.com

6.) Holden Ute

Suggested By: wellthatsdumb

Why it's got it where it counts: Not as fancy as a Cadillac CTS-V wagon and not as clumsy as a modern full-size pickup, the Holden Utes exist at that cheerful crossroads of muscle and practicality and working-class charm that's so hard to hit nowadays. The body shape speaks to its own hauling capabilities, but the ability to fit monster GM power under that hood is less obvious and more enticing.


Photo Credit: Bidgee

5.) Fox-body Mustang

Suggested By: British_Looks_British_Reliability

Why it's got it where it counts: Ford's long-lived third-generation (or sixth, depending on how you count) pony car remains a near-automatic choice for building a serious speed machine. The default pick seems to be the '87-'93 cars, but the earlier ones with their more angular appearance may have better sleeper potential. Regardless, the Windsor V8 has near-unlimited tuning possibilities and the car itself still hauls plenty of goods while hauling ass.


Photo Credit: Jack Snell

4.) Volvo Turbo Wagon

Suggested By: zacarious

Why it's got it where it counts: Able to shrug off time, mileage, abuse, and attacks by Imperial fighters with aplomb, any of the blocky Swedish cargo boxes will make for a great high-speed freighter. The motors will happily take boost increases in stride, but if that's not enough to get through blockades a small-block installation is a proven way to add velocity without negative side effects.


Photo Credit: Volvo

3.) Farm Truck

Suggested By: Klic

Why it's got it where it counts: The Falcon is a light freighter, which means it's basically a pickup, right? So here we are: Among the ultimate statements in bad-ass absurdity, the Farm Truck will run anything — glitterstim, passengers, hay bales and tractor parts — across empty space (or Oklahoma, which is about the same thing) at speeds that beggar belief.


Photo Credit: SkunkShots/1320Video via LS1TECH


2.) Big-Block Street Machine

Suggested By: Muscles Marinara-3%er

Why it's got it where it counts: Not so much a specific model as a specific mood: a good-sized Sixties muscle car, a GTO or a Galaxie or something like that, maybe with a bit of wear and tear and primer outside but running well over 400 cubic inches of perfectly-tuned pushrod V8 that puts down enough power through a well-built chassis to blur the scenery like hyperdrive.


Photo Credit: Chris Keating

1.) Ford Transit XJ220

Suggested By: Kuang

Why it's got it where it counts: Take the ubiquitous European delivery box, shoehorn the running gear from Jaguar's epic supercar underneath, and stand back while it blasts itself to the other side of reality. Something this bulky and practical and dull should not be capable of this kind of velocity, which makes it the perfect ride for Captain Solo — until he loses it in a card game.


Photo Credit: Smudge 9000