Still sexy space kitten Raquel Welch was at the peak of her allure in 1970, year of the space girl dance. Given the chance, these are the ten cars you picked to pick up Raquel Welch circa 1970.

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10.) Alfa Romeo Montreal

The Reason: "It needs to be classy, but not shouty. Which is why the Alfa Romeo Montreal is perfect."


Suggested by: TheSlurpeeMan

9.) 1969 Lamborghini Miura

The Reason: "If this doesn't get you laid, nothing will."

Suggested by: AMGKiller


8.) Delahaye 174

The Reason: You're going to need something as curvy and outrageous as Welch if you want anyone to notice what you're driving.

Suggested by: Nighthawkwill7


7.) Jaguar E-Type

The Reason: Men in the 70s were greasy, sweaty, coked-out sex machines with gold chains and a belief in the overpowering attraction of their own musk. Why not something a little classier?

Suggested by: SennaMP4


6.) Race-Prepped TVR Vixen

The Reason: If you want to wow her before you wow her, nothing will make someone more happy to be alive than surviving a quick lap in a race-prepped TVR. Speed is an aphrodisiac.

Suggested by: AMG=All Money Gone

Photo Credit: Bring A Trailer


5.) Citroën DS Cabriolet

The Reason: It's wild, it's French, it's classic, and it worked on Jane Birkin apparently. Yumm... Jane Birkin.

Suggested by: Vavon


4.) Aston Martin DB6

The Reason: Nothing like an English grand tourer if you want to make a grand tour of her...

Suggested by: SennaMP4

Photo Credit: NetCarShow


3.) 1967 Oldsmobile Toronado Barris 70-X

The Reason: "a "Space-Girl" car if there ever was one. Checkout the back seat — the times Raquel and I would have had back there. Wow."

Suggested by: Zacarious

Photo Credit:


2.) Porsche Tapiro Concept

The Reason: What's more impressive than rolling up in a concept car? Rolling up in this sexy, '70s-ish Porsche concept car.

Suggested by: The Yellow Box


1.) Lamborghini Marzai

The Reason: "
There's only one right answer: Lamborgini Marzal. We're talking 1970's Raquel in a space suit, so aesthetically, it works perfectly in glorious modern white on chrome silver.

And of course, you want everyone to know you're on a date with the most gorgeous gal on this planet, so of course you want the high visibility of a pope mobile with the slick style to blow people away.


Finally, there is the benefit of the paparazzi-perfect leggy shot of Raquel swinging out of the deep seat and high sill under a massive gull wing when you get to the club as well.

It's all good, real good."

Suggested by: Jones Foyer