Yesterday, we told you about 7-foot, 8.33-inch Igor Vovkovinskiy and the transportation difficulties that come with being the tallest man in America. Based on your suggestions, here are ten cars for America's tallest man.


This is "Answers of the Day" — a feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's "Question of the Day" and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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10. 2010 Maybach 62S Landaulet

Suggested By:

Why it's Perfect for a Big Man: "Once Igor starts signing endorsement deals as America's Tallest Man, he'll have the scratch to get a stretched and rebadged Mercedes. He'll just need to take out the chauffeur wall and front seats, and he's all set."


9. Convertible Cadillac Escalade

Suggested By: Bullitt417

Why it's Perfect for a Big Man: "If the endorsement offers don't take off right off the bat, Igor can start a career in the NBA or NFL to get the ball rolling. Contract freshly inked, he'll lumber down to his local Caddy dealer and pick up part of his uniform: a Cadillac Escalade."


Photo Credit: FreshDaily


8. Mercedes M Class Popemobile

Suggested By: JalopJeff

Why it's Perfect for a Big Man: The gigantic cab on the back is big enough to hold his holiness when he wears that funny three-tiered hat, so it's gotta be big enough for Igor.


7. First-Generation Mazda Miata Limo

Suggested By: Brandegee

Why it's Perfect for a Big Man: "Perhaps Igor just wants something sporty. While the average Miata might be better suited as footwear for him, the XL version fits the bill nicely."


6. Hemi Big Wheel Tricycle

Suggested By: PaulJones

Why it's Perfect for a Big Man: Not only does this three-wheeler come equipped with Hemi V-8 power, someone like Igor actually looks normal driving it — as normal as anyone can look on an oversized tricycle.


5. 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit

Suggested By: ttyymmnn

Why it's Perfect for a Big Man: "If it's good enough for Wilt Chamberlain, it's good enough for Igor Vovkovinskiy. Famously advertised as being roomy enough to fit a 7' 1" basketball player, the Rabbit could certainly be made to squeeze in a gentleman of slightly larger stature."


Photo Credit: TheSamba


4. First-Generation Scion xB

Suggested By: Heavyd888

Why it's Perfect for a Big Man: "I am 6'8", which is a far cry from 8'3" or whatever, but I confront this same question every few years when I buy a new car for the fam.


Besides legroom, our man Igor needs a relatively high seating position, as people who are afflicted (as I would assume he is) with giantism tend to be both inflexible and weak (in terms of strength / weight)." Apparently, the Scion is great for tall and weak individuals.


3. 1972 Chrysler Imperial Phaeton Convertible

Suggested By: BusterBrew

Why it's Perfect for a Big Man: "If Igor suffers from delusions of grandeur (as if his reality wasn't grand enough) and thinks himself to be some sort of royalty, he can roll like the President of Peru did in 2007: in a vintage Imperial limo." Not to mention that, with a convertible, there's almost unlimited head room (on a nice day).


Photo Credit: ImperialClub


2.) Renault Avantime

Suggested By: Stoke 2.0

Why it's Perfect for a Big Man: "The Avantime's lack of a B-pillar makes it a viable choice. It's said to feel very airy and open inside, two qualities that would no doubt put Igor at ease."


1. Dodge Sprinter Van

Suggested By: Skunky

Why it's Perfect for a Big Man: "Big enough for Igor and his friends, the Sprinter could even probably double as a home-away-from-home if he goes on the road."

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