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What Should The Tallest Man In America Drive?

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Igor Vovkovinskiy was certified yesterday as the tallest man in America at 7 feet, 8.33 inches. Sure, it's an honor, but this guy isn't getting into an Elise anytime soon. So what car should the tallest man in America drive?


The International CXT was the short-lived attempt by truck-maker Navistar to capitalize on the giganto-truck fad. The truck is built on an International 7300 chassis used primarily as a dump truck or for hauling giant trailers. Most importantly, the cab is a full nine feet tall, which is enough to support his height. At 21 feet long it's also one of the few civilian vehicles Vovkovinskiy could step out of and not look quite so gigantic. International isn't producing the CXT anymore, but now is the perfect time to buy since prices have dropped from upwards of $100K new to just $30-50K used.


This may be one of the few questions where we are unable to honestly answer Miata. Can you think of something more practical or awesome for this gentle giant?

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I used to know a 7-foot guy who drove one of these. Swear to god. He said the curved roofline actually allowed him more headroom.