Burnouts shouldn't be hard, but we've seen some attempts end in catastrophic failure. So, with the help of our readers, we've selected these ten cars that are almost purpose-built for easy, tire-smoking burnouts.

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10.) 2006 Mercedes-Benz C-Class DTM AMG

Suggested by rawtoast

Why It's So Smoky: Normally, for a race car like the DTM AMG, the last thing you want is the tires converted from rubber to smoke. The number 8 car of Mika Häkkinen takes a moment at the end of the pit lane to put on a show for us by creating voluminous clouds of vaporized rubber. The V8's torque is more than enough to break the racing slicks loose to smoke them up and the diffuser in the rear channels the cloud up and out the back end.


Photo Credit: AngMoKio

9.) Twin Engine Hyundai Tiburon


Why It's So Smoky: I called out the Tiburon just two days ago and today I praise this one for having two engines and for producing the most epic 4-wheel burnouts you'll ever see. No destroyed transfer cases here! CABEZAGRANDE puts it best with: "The joy of two completely separate powertrains in the same chassis is that you can put the front engine in drive and the rear engine in reverse and then do epic donuts about the cars central axis within its own wheelbase."


8.) 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Suggested by fanoblack

Why It's So Smoky: Steve McQueen, Hilly San Francisco, and a 1968 Dodge Charger Magnum. McQueen was able to produce a prodigious burnout in the automotive cult classic Bullitt. I've never seen the movie myself. I was too overwhelmed by the godly note of the 390 V8 of Bullitt's Mustang to notice anything else going on.

7.) Peterbilt Semi

Suggested by bradyb

Why It's So Smoky: Trucks fascinate me. I love truck racing and I love watching trucks do things you would never normally see. Here we have what looks to me like a Peterbilt. It's too smoky to tell. Chances are there's some diesel smoke mixed in there with the tire smoke. Yep, skip to 0:21. Enjoy!


6.) Dodge Ram SRT-10

Suggested by BrtStlnd

Why It's So Smoky: What happens when you put the 8.3 liter V10 engine that comes from a truck engine then put into the Viper and then put it back into a truck? You get crazy long burnouts and little weight over the back to keep the wheels from spinning to their demise. Though things can go very wrong


5.) Ford F-150 Lightning

Suggested by Jstas has gas

Why It's So Smoky: What happens when you take the 5.4 liter supercharged V8 that comes in the Cobra R, supercharge it, then put it into a truck? You get crazy long burnouts and little weight over the back to keep the wheels from spinning to their demise. Wait, didn't I say this already?


Photo Credit: CanadianDriver

4.) Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Suggested by Wish my Sonata was a 'vert

Why It's So Smoky: This is the classic kind of burnout. I remember my friend's brother coming over to the house once in 2004 in his Chevelle SS. He did a burnout in front of my house in Los Angeles. Last time I checked, the rubber he laid down is still there. There is just something beautiful about 2 tons of steel with a roaring V8, screeching tires, and clouds of smoke.


3.) Dodge Viper

Suggested by rawtoast

Why It's So Smoky: There's nothing like a giant engine pumping out loads of torque out the back wheels. The Viper is an interesting beast and will sooner burn you than deal with your inexperience. Man, if you know what you're doing, this car rewards you for it.

2.) 2011 Mustang GT500

Suggested by $kaycog

Why It's So Smoky: Ford worked some voodoo engineering trickery when designing the 2011 GT500, which included some plasma, a linerless aluminum block, and moving the Cobra emblem from the right side of the grill to the left. Well, it worked because the GT500 sounds even more glorious as its throttle and brakes are mashed to the grounds and wheels are alight with screaming tires pouring smoke out the back.


1.) Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Suggested by TonyLukes3

Why It's So Smoky: I can't believe it took 13 minutes for someone to say ZR1. For a second, I thought I would have to comment, "I can't believe no one said the Corvette ZR1." Just make sure that you do a burnout in a ZR1 you own.