Fake wagons, fake vents, fake exhausts, fake noises. It’s time to get real dear car industry.

10.) Cut-off wheel arches

It’s to improve drag, we know, but it’s very ugly and makes boring cars even more beige.

Suggested By: TheJWT, Photo Credit: Honda

9.) Four-door coupes


Yes BMW, we’re looking at you. Making four door versions of two door versions of four door cars will never make sense even if the M6 Gran Coupé is not a bad looking automobile.

Suggested By: Jimbobway, Photo Credit: BMW

8.) Economy turbos


The problem with the whole downsizing idea is that all the fuel economy tests they do it for are hopelessly fake, have nothing to do with day to day driving, and that doesn’t seem to change anytime soon on either side of the water.

Small turbocharged engines are smart, clean and have lots of mid-range torque, true, but when it comes to economy cars, having a complicated, expensive and rather sensitive drivetrain makes very little sense.

Make no mistake, these won’t go around the world without even an oil change.

Suggested By: 505 - morphine not found, Photo Credit: Volvo

7.) Enormous wheels


Yeah, they look cool. But they also ruin the ride, provide zero protection for the rims, and a set of tires in this size will costs more than a visit to the dentist in Switzerland.

Suggested By: Stef, Photo Credit: Volkswagen

6.) Fake engine noises


Yes, I just wanted to use this image.

Carmakers complain about how customers want to have everything nowadays. Quietness and refinement in the morning, noise and a raw driving experience in the afternoon. Tough luck.

The solution is very simple. If it’s a sports car, make it noisy and don’t worry about a thing. If it’s not, feel free to turn it into a library inside. But the fake stuff has to end, you’re not fooling anyone.


Suggested By: TheHondaBro, Photo Credit: BMW

5.) Fake vents


It’s either grill, or it isn’t. There’s no midway.

Suggested By: Father Dougal McGuire, Photo Credit: Ford

4.) Bad seats


Volvo people told me that designing a new seat takes about seven years for them due to all the safety and ergonomic requirements they have to take into account.

Cheaper compacts won’t have that level of comfort, but making better seats should be a number one priority on everyone’s list, because there’s no excuse for having an uncomfortable seat in your car in 2015.

Suggested By: For Sweden, Photo Credit: Ford

3.) Fake exhaust tips


The only thing I hated about the new Lambo from day one was that pair of oversized fake exhaust tips at the rear. The regular pipe is beefy enough, there’s no need for this excess.

Yet everybody does this, from Audi to Lexus.

Suggested By: T off the new, Photo Credit: Lamborghini

2.) Bloated wagons


Making a wagon bigger and lifting it high off the ground so mom can see everything won’t change the fact that your so called crossover is still just a wagon, only taller and less good.

These bloated, usually front-wheel drive models are completely pointless and should go away as quickly as they came.

Suggested By: DennyCraig, Photo Credit: Honda

1.) High beltlines


They call it pedestrian safety and side-impact protection.

I call it a rolling bunker which I can’t see out of.

How is that safe again?

Suggested By: Miss Mercedes, Photo Credit: Chevrolet

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Top Photo Credit: BMW

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