Ten Animals That Need Cars Named After Them

Dear automaker naming departments – here are ten animals that are in desperate need for cars named in their honor.

10.) Labrador


From reader saenzm:

"These are just some of the features you get with man's best friend/car:




-Most popular model in the U.S.

-12-13 year life span

-Comes in red, yellow, black, and chocolate!"

Suggested By: saenzm, Photo Credit: André Zehetbauer

9.) Koala

Google's fancy new self-driving car already looks like a Koala, so they might as well call it one. Plus, a cute name will quell some of our fears about our new autonomous overlords.

Suggested By: Sportwagen, Because Racecar!, Photo Credit: Mario Granberri

8.) Toucan


As reader JimZ points out, Toucan would slot in nicely with the Tiguan and the dearly missed ridiculous Routan. It's the perfect name for the baby crossover that I'm shocked Volkswagen hasn't made yet.

Suggested By: JimZ, Photo Credit: khegre

7.) Wildebeest


I dunno. It sounds angry enough to be a muscle car, or something. You could also go with its other name, the Gnu, which sounds like a name for an oddball car of some sort.

Suggested By: Jonee, Photo Credit: Jonas Bengtsson

6.) Chihuahua


From Corey CC97, aka Silent Bob:

"Chihuahua. Because your average consumer likes cute things or something. Use it as the name of a Mexican kei car with unnecessarily big headlights that shakes uncontrollably and constantly leaks oil."


Daihatsu Chihuahua has a nice ring to it.

Suggested By: Corey CC97, aka Silent Bob, Photo Credit: anthony kelly

5.) Clydesdale


The most majestic of horses deserves a car to match, or at least that's what reader Nate with shorter name thinks:

"Clydesdale. It just sounds like it would be a huge awesome work truck. It would be best applied to a FWD micro-van. The Geely Power Clydesdale now with 720cc engine."


Suggested By: Nate with shorter name, Photo Credit: Getty Images

4.) Honey Badger


Honey Badger don't care!

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: Peter Trimming

3.) Orca Whale


Porsche got it all wrong when they named their sedan the Panamera — it should have been the Orca, according to reader Franz86:

"These guys are big, fast, intelligent, and highly social animals... Since they are not small and agile animals, a sports car wouldn't be a good match, but one car does come to mind when I think Orca."


Suggested By: Franz86, Photo Credit: Shawn McCready

2.) Wolverine


Frankly, I'm shocked there isn't a car with a big angry V8 that's called Wolverine yet. It just works.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar

1.) Tasmanian Devil


Does Chrysler still have the rights to use Loony Tunes names? If so, why the hell haven't they made the Tasmanian Devil yet?

Suggested By: fishtankwog, Photo Credit: Warner Brothers via Loony Tunes wiki

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Top Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

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