Tell Us Your Worst Valet Horror Stories

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CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

I have a deep-seated mistrust of valet services. I don’t trust strangers to take my car to a place where I can’t see them park it. I don’t trust strangers who don’t give a shit about my car. I don’t trust strangers in a hurry with my car. I don’t trust strangers in my car.

Now, add that to someone who might not know how to drive stick adequately, tight spots, general vehicular inexperience and you’ve got a nightmare waiting to happen.


This exercise is in no way going to assuage my paranoia, but like any masochistic individual, I still want to know about it.

Maybe you were the customer. Maybe you were the attendant. Maybe you saw something from across the street you that you shouldn’t have.

If you have a story, tell us in the comments.

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