Tell Us Your Automotive New Year's Resolutions

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The Cars have been good to us this year. We have received a veritable bounty of incredible car stories, gone on some awesome adventures, and seen some totally cool shit. Some of us at Jalopnik bought new cars. Others of us got rid of a few. We suffered through a few breakdowns, and other automotive conveyances were returned from the brink. It’s time to leave 2018 behind us and start thinking about 2019. It’s Resolution Time.


Having just purchased a new Buick Regal TourX as a family daily driver, I’m currently counting 8 cars on my 1/3rd acre property. There are at least three that need to go in short order. As you can imagine, my resolution list is primarily populated with desires to get certain other cars of mine a bit closer to regular drive worthy status.

I don’t have a commute, so I can afford to have a huge pile of junk cars in my back yard that sorta half run most of the time. It also means I spend most of my free time wrenching on one project or another. Here’s my short list of car-related goals.

1. Get my 1997 Porsche Boxster track worthy. I’m putting proper seats, harnesses, and roll cage in this 200,000 mile track rat and getting it on track.

2. Get my 1976 Porsche 912E a little nicer. It currently has a wonky tachometer, an unreliable alternator, sticky brake calipers, and a ratty interior. Those need to be dealt with in short order.

3. See more of the country. I have a list of roadside attractions and weird Americana that I want to see. That means many more miles on the road this year. Road trips are always good.


Take chances. Mark some stuff off of your bucket list in 2019. Go farther and do more. With a bit of luck, and maybe by focusing on ourselves, it’s going to be an incredible car-filled year for each and every one of us. What are your New Year’s car resolutions for 2019?

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Pull the engine out of this 87 CRX HF, rebuild and replace the engine, then take the CRX for a drive under its own power. I have 1% of the required skills.