Tell Us Your Automotive New Year Resolutions

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Every year we are afforded a day to re-think all of our priorities for the coming lap around the sun. I love celebrating the New Year, because it imbues all of us with potential. Before we proceed to screw up all of our best laid plans, before we fail to meet our goals, before it all goes to waste, for this one glorious day we are everything that we hope we can be. And to that end, we are the ultimate gearheads.


I have a few priorities for 2020 that I’d like to knock off my list. As for events, I think I’m going to finally make the trek to see the Indianapolis 500 this year to check that off my bucket list. And I’d like to make some serious progress on my Porsche Boxster project. And I’d like to continue growing the success of Radwood.

But my number one goal this year is to finally take my 1995 Audi S6 “Safari” to a Gambler 500 event, preferably the original event up in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve never done a Gambler, but I appreciate everything it stands for. I just hope I don’t shatter a lower control arm rock bouncing in the middle of nowhere. Fingers crossed!

So, on this most incredible of days, what are your goals that you have set forth for yourself to accomplish in 2020? Let’s hear all about them in the comments below.

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I’m teaching my 18yo son (that I just found out about a few months ago!) how to roadtrip properly, and hopefully will teach him how to drive later this year. It's going to be an awesome year for both of us I hope.