Tell Us Your 24 Hours of Daytona Predictions

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I predict there will be fog overnight. There is a LOT of rain on the forecast for the end of the race, which will throw everything into a state of flux. I predict none of the cars will make it through the 24 without damage, but the least damaged ones will win their respective classes. I predict at least one of the LMP2 cars to crash in spectacular fashion. And I predict it’s going to be one hell of a race weekend.


More importantly, here are my somewhat educated guesses as to who will win their individual classes:

DPi: #77 Mazda RT24-P - Oliver Jarvis, Tristan Nunez, Timo Bernhard, and Rene Rast
LMP2: #81 DragonSpeed Oreca 07 Gibson - Henrik Hedman, Ben Hanley, Nicolas Lapierre, and James Allen
GTLM: Porsche #911 911 RSR - Patrick Pilet, Nick Tandy, and Fred Mako
GTD: Team Montaplast by Land #29 Audi R8 LMS: Daniel Morad, Christopher Mies, Dries Vanthoor, and Ricky Feller

Literally every class is a complete toss up. Most of the cars that take the starting flag will have a chance to win, as this is one of the most well-stacked Daytona 24 events I’ve ever witnessed. I could end up looking really foolish in 24 hours, but only time will tell.

Make your guesses in the comments below, and whoever gets closest to correct will get to pat themselves on the back without repercussion.

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I predict that someone will win it in 23 hours this time.