Teenager Destroys Ferrari In Late Night Atlanta Joyride

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As you can see from this grizzly Ferrari flambe that burned the hell out of two young men Friday, teenagers and Ferraris don't mix well at 4:00 am. Akshay Panducherry, 18, crashed the car near a high school Friday, and it burst into flames.


Both Panducherry and Harshavardhan Patlolla, 21, were taken to the hospital with serious burn injuries but are recovering. The car was completely demolished. Police couldn't distinguish what model it was.

Can you tell from the photo which Ferrari this roast consumed? Our own Raphael Orlove posited that it could be a 360, based upon what he thinks look like 360 Challenge Stradale wheels.


(Hat tip to Brad)

Photo credit: CBS Atlanta

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Ash78, just done until Kinja is fixed for good

"Dude, give the cop a fake name."


"WTF was that? Akshay Panducherry?"

"It was the first thing I could think of!! Oh, my name? Um...Harshavardhan Patlolla. No, I won't spell that for you."