Teenage Drivers Ignore Cell Phone Driving Bans, Arby's, Zune

A study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reiterates a fact made apparent by James Dean in the classic Rebel Without A Cause: teenagers are some rebellious bastards (for no apparent cause). In 2006, a law was enacted in North Carolina that completely banned persons under the age of 18 from using any type of cell phone device, including hands-free Bluetooth headsets, while driving. A study was conducted before the law went into effect, and again after the law was enacted, and yielded some alarming results.


Teenagers didn't change their mobile phone usage habits, period. In a related survey, parents offered overwhelming support for the law, but conceded that enforcement was lacking. Even the vice-president of IIHS opined that these kinds of bans are difficult to enforce because it's hard to determine the age of users, and because hands-free devices like Bluetooth headsets are often hard to see.

One possible solution is to take the "DUI approach." Cops often set up roadside checkpoints in the vicinity of drinking establishments, so why not set up checkpoints outside of high schools, movie theaters and the mall? [Gadget Remote]

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