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Teen Takes Dad's New Lexus RC F Out On Mulholland Highway, Wrecks It More Than Once

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When you crash your father’s brand-new Lexus and land it on its side while out for a spin, the day probably isn’t going very well. When you get the car back upright and it rolls downhill, well—your whole week is probably just a bad one.

According to CarScoops, the above wreckage is the result of a teen driving his father’s 2016 Lexus RC F—delivered just one week ago—on Mulholland Highway in California, known for its winding shape and tough corners. A word of advice: if you’re going to head out to a highway that has its own unofficial photographer and videographer to capture the carnage, please don’t do it in your father’s brand-new, expensive car. Just don’t do it.


The video starts out with the car on its side and a bystander informing us all that “it’s still running,” with several others soon managing to flip it back onto four wheels. Then the car runs away from them—literally—and into some railing on the edge of the road while a couple of people hang from the window.

But hey, at least the car appears to have its turn signal on toward the direction it takes off into. How courteous.


The video is no longer on the original Instagram account that hosted it, but the owner of the above account already stole the most fitting joke for the situation (“things went downhill from there, literally”). If you laughed at that one-liner, we’ll go ahead and take credit for it due to being the messenger. Oh, that’s not how it works? Never mind, then.

As far as the driver is concerned—you’re (most likely) grounded, kid. But for the sake of all the rest of us on the road, you staying at home is probably a good thing.

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