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If you're 14, don't hop in dad's Chevy Tahoe with friends for a DQ-run then flee from the cops at 100 MPH after an illegal left turn. It's not worth discovering earthen berms make great ramps.

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The Howell, Michigan teen, along with his younger brother and cousin, swiped his dad's Tahoe for a night-time trip to DQ (tagalong blizzard anyone?) and didn't let the total lack of drivers license get in the way. The trio was nearly there when the driver tripped-up, making an illegal left turn which brought the attention of nearby cops. Instead of stopping and taking his medicine, he fled at up to 104 MPH, nearly losing control on several occasions as did the pursuing officer (the patrol car oversteer around the bend at speed is particularly puckerific). Eventually the kid headed down the wrong road, a dead end with a healthy earthen berm, which the kid hit pretty hard, sending the truck ten feet in the air, landing in the trees. This is what happens when a plan is poorly thought out to begin with. [WDIV]


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