A Wisconsin teen survived unscathed after crashing his Audi S4 while joyriding at 155mph, then posting the video to YouTube. There's three things right there explaining why the cops weren't so happy.


The unfortunate thing about the internet is that anyone, including the police, can see what you've been up to which which brings an added bit of irony to this video. The Madison, Wisconsin teen took his Mommy and Daddy-paid for Audi S4 out for an evening jaunt with some friends when they got the grand idea of videotaping a top speed run in which they hit at least 155mph before crashing. It's not clear in the video at which speed they were traveling when the "Oh Shits!" started happening, but if we were to guess, they were still going at a pretty good clip.

Authorities and rescue workers arrived on scene to find that the teens survived with minor injuries and the driver was cited for imprudent speed, but when Dane County Sheriff's Office found a video of the incident on YouTube, they were none-to-pleased. Rather than just trashing his S4 and walking away from a high-speed wreck with his life, the teen now faces possible reckless endangerment charges via the District Attorney's Office because he had passengers in the car. All that for a few minutes of adrenaline rushing fun. What's the lesson you're probably going to learn from this? To not drive that fast on public roads? Nah, you're probably just thinking that you'll never post your exploits on YouTube ever again. [via channel3000, YouTube]