Teenager gets Nissan GT-R. Teenager goes way too fast in Nissan GT-R. Teenager gets Nissan GT-R impounded. None of that is surprising. But why does a Canadian teenager even have a Nissan GT-R?

A Canadian teen was caught in Toronto doing 240 KMH (150 MPH) on the highway. Just going 50 KMH over the limit gets six points on their license, a license suspension for seven days, and possibly a two year suspension when/if they're convicted. Oh, there's also a fine that ranges between $2,000 and $10,000.

Going 140 KMH over the limit would make for one hell of a fine and suspension. For his credit, the driver did know there would be tickets:


This is just more proof of why you don't give a teenager a Nissan GT-R or other fast car if they're not mature enough to use it responsibly. He's lucky that everything went perfectly and no crash was caused by his idiocy.

Hat Tip to Brian!