Teen Carjackers Back Over Cop Car In Failed Ford Escape Escape

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Three teens in the Maryland suburbs of Washington were trapped by a police officer after carjacking a Ford Escape. So the driver decided to try running over the officer's Crown Victoria in reverse. Physics sides with justice on this one.

The rest of the story: No serious injuries in either vehicle, and two 17-year-olds were charged with several crimes, including marijuana possession. [Via AP/Gazette.Net]


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Whats with all the Escape hatred? I had a nice AWD V6 Escape for a couple years. Would have made an amazing rally car with some minor tweaks and a manual trans. It went through snow and mud like it was nothing. And the 3.0 Duratec was an amazing engine. It was at 150k miles, with all original equipment on it. The only problem with it that I had was that the transmission was awfully slushy and you could just feel it sapping the power.

That being said, my wife wrecked it. Kinda like this video actually. She slid off the road in the snow and ran into a hillside that tipped it over, and it rolled twice across the road. Gotta give her a break, though. She is from Hawaii and that was her first time driving in snow by herself.

The bright side was that a couple people rolled it back over for her and it drove away. Had to be totaled because the roof was mangled but whatever. She didn't even get a scratch.