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Is gliding along wrapped in $5 billion worth of sensory-deprivation equipment the new driving? It may be, if a perfect 10 from tech-drunk editorial staff at CNet is your barometer. That's the score they gave the Lexus LS, a techno barge that assumes road feel is an enemy of the state. Sure, the new LS is as jacked-in as Bill Gates's boathouse, but self parking does not an automobile make. Actually, we've heard the self-parking feature was a safety requirement installed because drivers kept having narcoleptic dropoffs while parking (see, the car's boring, get it?). Our gadgetry-oriented relative, Gizmodo would rather see those high marks go to the Tesla EV, which rides on a Lotus Elise chassis. We're gunning for the Lotus Exige S, but then, mom always said we were too addicted to gasoline.

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