TechArt Tweaks Porsche's 911 Turbo Cabrio

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German tuning haus, TechArt waved its magic horsepower wand over Porsche's new 911 turbo cabrio, and poof, 600hp out of the 3.6-liter flat six (up from 420 hp) and nearly 550ft/lbs of twist action at 4,600 rpm, making it one of the most powerful ragtops ever to stalk the Black Forest highway in search of a nice Riesling.

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The tuning package includes two larger turbochargers and intercoolers, special aluminum intake manifolds, a sport air filter and the TechArt stainless-steel exhaust system with integrated high-performance catalysts, plus reprogrammed engine electronics to make all those mechanics work in synch. A modified tranny completes the updated mechanicals, and a package of aerodynamics keeps the whole thing from braking free from gravity like a rocket-propelled sparrow. Zero-to-60 comes in 3.7 seconds, 11.9 seconds to 125mph and a top speed of 207mph.

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