TECHART Bringing 680 HP Magnum Cayenne S To Geneva

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TECHART plans to set Geneva on fire with its latest Porsche creation, as opposed to just setting a Porsche on fire. In this case it's the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S-based TECHART Magnum


The new Magnum gets a host of improvements, including a new LED day-time driving light system seen arrayed in the Cayenne's massive grille. The aero-kit is a touch overwhelming, but when joined with a new turbocharger and exhaust system the Magnum has 680 HP to give some bite to its park. This is an improvement of 130 HP over the stock Turbo S. Taking away from the Magnum's pit-bull nature is the air-conditioned leather seating upgrades and hi-tech multimedia system.


Joining the Magnum will be a version of the TECHART GTStreetR with the same day-time LEDs.

TECHART Magnum – Made to perfection

The day driving light system
The multi-functional TECHART day driving light system gives the Magnum an
unmistakeable external appearance. The LED system consists of a combination of day
driving lighting, side lighting, parking lighting and indicator lights. The automatic
adaptation of the light strength to the selected driving light setting and the dimming of
the day driving light when the vehicle is turning to ensure that the indicator lights stand
out are typical features of the system. The LED technology is also characterised by its
increased life span and energy saving features.

The interior
TECHART meets the highest standards in comfort and individuality with the exclusive
de Sede of Switzerland range of interiors.
The new de Sede Classic S line creates a sophisticated Magnum interior and stands
for top quality TECHART made-to-order production. The de Sede name has been
synonymous with elite seating, the finest quality leather and unique design for over 50
years. The air-conditioned seats are a new feature. The innovative TECHART system
ensures that the seats and back rests have always a pleasant temperature. The
revised seat design emphasises the sense of luxury sportiness.

TECHART MAGNUM Aerodynamic Kit - made from high quality PUR-RIM
material and consisting of a front trim panel with integrated air ducts, double
headlight unit, day driving system and front grill, fender extensions at the front and
back, sill panels, tailgate cover and rear apron with diffuser optics.

TECHART Formula and Formula II alloy wheel rims of 20-23 inches

TECHART Sport air suspension module, lowering of car body by 30 mm for
sporty street use. The entire adjustment range from the lowest level (load level) to
the highest level (special terrain level) comprises 110 mm.

Engine performance/enhancement:
Performance Kit T2.2 to 500 kW (680 hp) and 900 Nm.
TECHART Motor controlled electronics
TECHART Sports air filter
TECHART Turbocharger
TECHART Oil and water performance kit
TECHART High performance manifold device
TECHART Sports catalytic converter
TECHART Exhaust pipe system
TECHART Pressure pipe
TECHART Throttle

TECHART Engine optics package in shiny carbon
Consists of: cylinder head cover left and right in shiny carbon with embossed
TECHART logo, engine cover at front in shiny carbon and red lacquer highlights.

TECHART Sports exhaust

Comprehensive interior options from TECHART – from sports steering wheels to
TECHART de Sede of Switzerland interiors, fully integrated entertainment and
multi-media systems and the TECHART seat air conditioning system.